About The Chapel

The Chapel Royal is an 18th-century place of worship in the centre of Brighton, part of the English city of Brighton and Hove.

Built as a Chapel of Ease, it became one of Brighton's most important churches, gaining its own parish and becoming closely associated with the Prince Regent and fashionable Regency-era society.

The Chapel Royal remains an active church in the inclusive, liberal-catholic tradition of the Church of England.

Who's Who

Incumbent: Vacant
Churchwardens: Mrs Hilary Niblett & Mr David Bishop
Part-time Administrator: Mrs Sulann Staniford-Grainger
PCC Secretary: Mrs Caroline Brown
Treasurer: Stuart Jessop
Finance Officer: Mrs Maureen O’Hare
Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Angie Lynn

ACPM Agenda

ACPM 2023 Agenda