Café Royale

The Chapel Royal coffee shop, Café Royale, opens 11am - 2pm every Saturday for tea, coffee, cake, scones, sandwiches and toast.

Some say it’s the best value in Brighton!

Experienced volunteers from Chapel Royal support the running of the morning. We also have a helper from the Outlook Foundation for learning disabled young people.

The Café Royale is an important part of our outreach ministry at the Chapel Royal, and helps us:

  • Foster good relationships with the local community.

  • Increase footfall to the church and awareness of our presence in Brighton.

  • Offer a low-cost and friendly meeting place for local people.

  • Offer work experience to learning disabled young people.

  • Raise funds for charitable projects.




Filter Coffee Cup


Filter Coffee Mug


Hot Chocolate




Bottle of water




Individual cake and Scones


Slice Cake




Jam, Marmite, Peanut butter